The internet wave hits culture.

June 14, 2011

In early June I started think­ing seri­ously that it’s time to begin map­ping out an invest­ment strat­egy that goes beyond the imme­di­ate dig­i­tal enter­tain­ment world of music, movies and games. Attend­ing the e-G8 meet­ing in Paris made it clear that gov­ern­ments and soci­eties were being reshaped by the “8th con­ti­nent” of the inter­net and the […]

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CEO">Pre-IPO Interview with WhiteGlove CEO

May 26, 2011

We pub­lished an inter­view today with Robert Fab­bio, Founder & CEO of White­Glove House Call Health, Inc., a com­pany that has filed an S-1 in prepa­ra­tion for an IPO. Please see impor­tant dis­claimers at the end of the report. The doc­u­ment is avail­able via this link: Pre IPO Inter­view White Glove May 26 2011

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Putting the e-G8 in context

May 23, 2011

It’s hard to fathom what the two-day e-G8 meet­ing in Paris, which starts tomor­row, will offer us. It’s received only min­i­mal cov­er­age, despite the fact that the atten­dees include such high-profile peo­ple as Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt and Jimmy Wales, along with scores of other tech­nol­ogy com­pany man­agers, entre­pre­neurs, polit­i­cal lead­ers and jour­nal­ists. The quasi-governmental sponsorship […]

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Tangoe Pre-IPO Review

May 19, 2011

Sum­mary Tan­goe is a play on mobile for the enter­prise. Tan­goe pro­vides a solu­tion for com­pa­nies to man­age the usage, devices and car­rier rela­tion­ships for their orga­ni­za­tion. Gart­ner and other indus­try ana­lyst firms rec­og­nize Tan­goe as a leader in this niche mar­ket. The com­pany should do about $90m in rev­enue in 2011 and gen­er­ate $11m […]

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Email Delivery Networks: An emerging cloud investment.

May 3, 2011

Send­ing email has become a major indus­try prob­lem thanks to both the mas­sive growth of legit­i­mate send­ing mixed with an enor­mous amount of SPAM.  Much as it is in online secu­rity, there is no one “sil­ver bul­let” to effi­ciently and effec­tively deliver large amounts of email. For small orga­ni­za­tions the typ­i­cal answer has been one of […]

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& Harris and the Nanotech Renaissance">Harris & Harris and the Nanotech Renaissance

April 29, 2011

We ini­ti­ated cov­er­age of Har­ris & Har­ris (NASDAQ: TINY — $5.17) in Jan­u­ary and pub­lished another update yes­ter­day.  The recent IPO of NeoPho­ton­ics (NASDAQ: NPTN — $10.59) and acqui­si­tion of BioVex for around $1B were cer­tainly pos­i­tive devel­op­ments. But things have con­tin­ued to get bet­ter.  In fact we see a grow­ing num­ber of com­pa­nies across […]

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A micro-cap play on digital cinema

April 14, 2011

The con­ver­sion of cin­e­mas from ana­log to dig­i­tal and 3D con­tin­ued through­out the eco­nomic cri­sis and has accel­er­ated recently based on the con­ver­sa­tions we have had with a num­ber of sup­pli­ers in the indus­try. The most direct play on this trend has been RealD (RLD — $29) which came pub­lic in July of last year. […]

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& Harris Invests in Champions Oncology">Harris & Harris Invests in Champions Oncology

April 7, 2011

Part of the invest­ment the­sis cov­ered in our Har­ris & Har­ris Report, Jan­u­ary 10 (NASDAQ: TINY – $5.44) was that we would see Har­ris & Har­ris (“H&H”) increase the vol­ume of shorter-duration, high-return deals to pro­duce incre­men­tal returns and lower oper­at­ing costs. The recent announce­ment of a $2 mil­lion invest­ment in publicly-traded Cham­pi­ons Oncol­ogy, Inc., formerly […]

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Why Berkshire has a Breach

March 31, 2011

First of all, I’d cast no stones in the gen­eral direc­tion of either War­ren Buf­fett or Char­lie Munger. How­ever, Mr. Sokol had clearly stepped over a line of ethics, if not of legal­ity. If you’ve missed the story in the news media, it’s best to read the release (PDF) straight from the Berk­shire Hath­away web­site. What’s […]

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VG Energy and the Economics of Biofuels">VG Energy and the Economics of Biofuels

March 25, 2011

In our ini­ti­a­tion of cov­er­age note on Viral Genet­ics (VRAL) back in Feb­ru­ary, we noted that the com­pany cre­ated a majority-owned sub­sidiary called VG Energy to develop algae-based nutri­ent and energy tech­nol­ogy.  This tech­nol­ogy can be used to pro­duce diesel and jet fuel sub­sti­tutes for tra­di­tional petro­leum fuels. It was derived from a dis­cov­ery that […]

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